Activision Possibly Rebooting Spyro the Dragon With A New Game + Toy Line

Ian Fisher writes: About a week ago Activision teased of a big announcement that was going to be revealed at an unlikely event: the New York Toy Fair. A yearly event in the toy industry, Toy Fair is usually devoid of breaking video game news outside of product reveals like those from NECA or DC Direct. But apparently Activision has something up its sleeve which they touted as “an innovative new universe with broad appeal”. Obviously most of us were puzzled as to what Activision would announce but now a few tidbits have arisen that point to the reveal possibly involving Spyro.

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nycrekid2865d ago

Activision is the Fisher Price of the video game industry!

Quagmire2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Activision better not fuck with my childhood!

That dragon is NOT Spyro.

LoaMcLoa2865d ago

That dragon creeps the hell outa me...!

Burning_Finger2865d ago

I stop reading at Activision..

AGamerOfConsoles2865d ago

Seriously? They can True Crime for this?

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The story is too old to be commented.