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The first thing you notice about Resistance 3 is that it's brown. Utterly, overwhelmingly, gloriously brown. At a time when grimy beige levels have become a derided shooter cliché, there's something delightfully perverse about Insomniac's decision to show off its new game with what is quite possibly the brownest gaming experience in history. What makes it more impressive is that it totally works, and makes perfect sense in context.

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ComboBreaker2866d ago

"Hulk doesn't follow any set pattern. Watching other people, it soon becomes clear that there are lots of workable strategies for bringing him down."

"There are even health packs. Finite health brings a level of desperation that self-restoring damage never can. It's fraught. Stakes are raised. It's scary."

"This is no linear corridor but an open town square, complete with crumbling buildings, outlying garages and makeshift shelters."

"I used the Bullseye to tag a Longleg. Then, as it leapt over my head, my tracer followed its arc and exploded it into a shower of blood and meat."

"It was one moments of gaming satisfaction, all the more enjoyable because it came about through my own reactions rather than a scripted moment. "

"There's been a tendency in recent years for shooters to force feed players with pre-planned 'cool moments', as if developers don't trust us to make their game look good."

R2 did away with pre-scripted events.

ComboBreaker2866d ago

R3, unlike R2, did away with pre-scripted events.

TheBossMan2865d ago

It didn't say that there are going to be zero scripted boss fights... just that this particular enemy type (not even a boss if I'm correct) can fight in a variety of ways. Still, looks very promising and the graphics look unreal!

DarkBlood2865d ago

cant wait to get this game, collecters edition day one confirmed.

edwineverready2865d ago

Yes this is going to be a great game can't wait. I hope my old resistance clan comes together again and has fun like back in the days on resistance1.

Bathyj2865d ago

So despite being awesome and much improved, it will ultimately lose 2 points for being brown.

Darkfocus2865d ago

lots of people complained about R2 having too much color....which is really ironic because insomniac was just trying to please the people that said R1 was to there back to a darker color scheme I guess which is good imo because it suites resistance better.

Quagmire2863d ago

I liked the Yellow colour scheme.

mayberry2865d ago

Looks to be another day one for me! I should just set up a payroll deduction account to sony!

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The story is too old to be commented.