The Megabits Pick: Ten Best Wii Games Part 1

The Megabits team trawl through their Wii playlists and pick their ten favourite Wii games.

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Bojeeva2840d ago

Used to think that Resident Evil would always be synonymous with the Playstation but I reckon it's Wii outings are even better! And Super Mario Galaxy rocks!

Ibwib2840d ago

Yeah, Resi on the Wii/Gamecube feels like the high point of the series, while it's current PS3 and 360 outing is going downhill. Still, you never know, it might be salvageable.

Reiko2839d ago

The original Resi will never be bettered - it had the surprise factor as the likes of it hadn't been seen before. No one knew what to expect- yeah, the cut scene acting was awful but the memorable moments like the body on the floor grabbing you, the dogs leaping through the windows and those infernal crows will always stay with me!

Ibwib2840d ago

Or, y'know, I could find a different series to obsessed with.

Ibwib2839d ago

For me? Yes. But these things are always subjective.

Ayer992839d ago

I haven't played Okami. I just didn't realize how good it was. If it can beat SMG2, I've got to try it.

Reiko2839d ago

Mario Kart for me - wasted hours playing that!