D+PAD Magazine: DC Universe Online Reviewed

D+PAD Writes:

As any Gotham City street punk left dangling on the end of a Bat-rope will tell you, crime doesn’t pay; Massively Multiplayer Online gaming on the other hand most certainly does – just ask Blizzard Entertainment. Sony Online Entertainment’s DC Universe Online has something of a head start, founded as it is on a cast of characters that are known and loved across the world and source material stretching back 75 years. Unfortunately in the world of MMOs there is no such thing as a ‘sure-fire hit’, with many newcomers failing to find the magic formula that will draw the punters in and make them stay long enough to form a community and continue pumping money into the venture. Additionally, no single game has yet managed to become the MMO-Kryptonite to World of Warcraft’s Superman; is DC Universe Online – the first MMO action game to hit the PlayStation 3 – likely to buck this trend?

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