Activision axe DJ Hero, cancel current project

Nintendo Universe writes:

Following news yesterday that Activision had disbanded its Guitar Hero Business Division, the publisher has further confirmed that they are to also cancel the DJ Hero series.

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SimpleSlave2537d ago

Don't be mad, be glad. If you ask me this is a smart move, why waste money on games that have expensive peripherals and are dwindling in sale (DJ Hero, Guitar Hero, etc..) when you can make mad money selling map packs and COD every year...yeah.

Vote with your money people, stop supporting map packs....1.4 millions in MAP PACKS!!!!!!.....MAP PACKS!!!!!!!!! Yeah I am mad...they are mother 'effing MAP PACKS!!!! GOD! $15 for a MAP PACK...spend that in an actual game instead and stop supporting this company. I hear Demon Soul is going for $25 new, not to mention all those specials on STEAM every year and games. Now thats money well spent.

LoneWanderer092537d ago

Guitar and DJ and True Crime, Call of Duty will die and so will Activision

Shmotz2537d ago

Shame, DJ Hero was actually fun to play.

hot4play2537d ago

True. I have both DJ Hero 1 & 2 and I'm very disappointed with Activision. Poor Freestyle Games. The DJ Hero series really had a great soundtrack. And the gameplay was fun...

This is what I (and a lot of fans) get for buying their turntable? 2 games?? That's it??? Wow. Im really lost for words.

Screw Activision! Im really not buying their games anymore! WORST. PUBLISHER. EVER.

@dredgewalker below
-Yes they should cancel Kotick - Most hated person in the history of videogames!

dredgewalker2537d ago

Can they also cancel Kotick?

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The story is too old to be commented.