Catherine clips feature anime, developer commentary

Scrawl: "Atlus has released two new videos of Catherine, this morning. The first is a trailer highlighting the game only by anime cutscenes. The second is a playthrough of the second tower stage, featuring commentary from the developers."

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mjolliffe2862d ago

Quite a bit of hype for the game on Twitter. Need to check it out a little more...

madpuppy2862d ago

I was not interested in this title at all, But, the more I see of the gameplay and what I can piece together from the clips I have seen it looks to be horror/comedy. The look on the main characters face 90% of the time cracks me up, the look of mouth gaping fear and wide eyed astonishment kills me! I like how Japanese devs and anime/manga writers don't pull any punches when it comes to a story. they will kill likable characters in the most brutal way if it progresses the story. It is funny that Anime/manga has this bizarre duality, In a lot of ways the stories can be rich, complex and interesting and they can be formulaic, cookie cutter and boringly predictable.
This looks to be an interesting gem.