BAFTA GAME Award 2010 - Nominations Announced

@XG247: This morning at a private press event at BAFTA HQ they announced the GAME Award 2010 nominations - The only award to be voted for by the public.

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MintBerryCrunch2496d ago

Halo should not be a GoW should

ChristianGamer2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Woohoo! Go Limbo!
Dance Central!! Go Kinect.
8/10 of those games released on 360 last year, quantity AND quality ;)

Tiqila2496d ago

what the heck is BAFTA?

kharma452496d ago

British Academy of Film and Television Arts, basically our version of the Oscars in a way.

They're a charity in the UK that hosts annual awards shows for excellence in film, television, television craft, video games and forms of animation.

Corrwin2496d ago


Does BAFTA play games, or just ask their kids what's good right now?

Perjoss2496d ago

wether you like them or not they are good games.