FiringSquad's Halo 3 Single-Player Review

After Halo 2's abrupt conclusion, it's finally time to finish the fight! But does Bungie's finale to the Halo 3 trilogy live up to they hype? FiringSquad reviews the single-player campaign of Bungie's latest creation.

+A solid single player storyline
+Excellent single player AI
+Solid graphics
+Music and voice acting
+Community features
+Editing tools

-No offline multiplayer bots
-Level design in single player
-Charging for just 250 MB of file space

Final Verdict: 92/100

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ShiftyLookingCow4072d ago

The reason this review caught my eye is because FiringSquad gave 70% to Halo 2. I hope TnS won't mind that I used his tips.