SHIFT 2 image frenzy

Here is a whole new batch of images of SHIFT 2 Unleashed and it seems EA decided to crank it up a notch, photo mode-wise. Apparently they have managed to reach the same level of realism as Gran Turismo 5 in that department.

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Lirky2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Need4Speed going realism like a driving-sim is not a good thing for the name Need1Speed. Nvm the screenshots look good its just weird , customization is what counts in a racing game from decals to overall car look and how it runs in the inside.

Fred-G-Sanford2776d ago

The first NFS: Shift game is VERY underrated.

It looks awesome when maxed out on the PC and (most importantly) is a blast to play.

I won't name names, but so many racing games these days are just plain boring to play, but Shift is anything but boring.

Can't wait to see what they do with Shift 2.

Sam Fisher2776d ago

i have shift 1 and let me tell you, its the first n4s i ever bought (hated the others except for pro, not too much on the whole, you need nos to win feeling) and i have gt5 and forza, and let me say. i stopped playing forza. and i sometimes get on gt5 (the physics dont feel right imo) and i play too much of shift, its really a great, fun, and under-rated game

sich922776d ago

they do both games....last game was hot pursuit you know,b4 that shift,be4 that undercover etc.....1 at a time

Dee_912776d ago

well im sold !!
just imagine if gt5 had that type of customization

I just have a weird feeling that theres a catch
like theres only 1 kit per car or something

Pyscho_Mantis2776d ago

remember kids these are photomode pictures so dont say your disappointed with the graphics when you actually get the game.

ugabugaz2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Come on the game might be good, but those visuals are nowhere near the Photo mode of GT5. Those cars look like plastic, plus lots of jaggies. I'm not trolling, unless you're blind you'll see what I mean.

For reference

and these two are some of the best I think, from SHIFT.

and a worse one from SHIFT, most of them look like it really.

I'm loving actual tire manufacturers names on the tires though.

Kon2776d ago

Damn man, this article had nothing to do with GT5, why bring the game to it? Looks like you're trolling.

ugabugaz2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Have you read the description? I'm replying to that. What do you think this is?

"Apparently they have managed to get close to the level of realism as Gran Turismo 5 in that department."

Oh yeah..Press Control and + to increase font size

sich922776d ago

thats not trolling....mentioning that a game is better than the other is normal
its called comparison

Kon2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Alright, i missed that part, but what you said isnt true. Shift 1 already looked equal to GT5 on PC, everything maxed. So i don't see EA dowgrading the graphics

Edit: @Ugabugaz, well, i can't really say nothing just by looking at Shift 2screenshots. I rather wait till the game releases to take my final conclusion.

ugabugaz2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I would beg to disagree,but that's just my opinion. As far as SHIFT 2 is concerned, I'm basing my opinion on the screenshots given.
Here's a gallery of 1080p GT5 Shots.

Edit: I reserve the same right, but so far, based on their claims, I'm not impressed.

Dee_912776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

shift 1 on PC max settings DO NOT look anywhere as real as gt5
thats pure bull

and those screens dont look anywhere near as good as gt5
they are good
but not gt5 good

Killzone3___2776d ago

i like your first comment but i don't like this , you are the troller now -.-

Terarmzar2776d ago

I did not like the first shift due to handling but i feel things will be worked out more in this game. something else i noticed, is this game based around actual Production car or race cars?

Killzone3___2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

i love shift 1 , it was fun and im excited for this one but i don't think it will be better then gt5 only on tune and damage , i hate when people talk about gt5 on forza and shift articals , both have different gameplay so that's mean both are not sim , and no way both will have premium car graphics and gameplay in gt5 ...

i hope it have drag and stuff like that :) , drag was fun in need for speed pro street :) ....