Why PS3 Needs Mass Effect 1

After playing through ME2 on PS3, we feel like we're missing something big. Like ME1 | Raiding Party

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RankFTW2840d ago

I just played it on PC before I played ME2 on PS3 so when I had to make my choices in the interactive comic I actually cared about the consequences.

Any PC built in like the last 5 years can run ME1 so no big deal tbh.

otherZinc2840d ago

No S***!

Of course! I've told you PS3 Superfans ME1 was significant!

You cant replace 60hours with a 15minute "comic"!

IGN, yes IGN tried to appease PS3 fans telling them they had the most complete version of Mass Effect 2? IMPOSSIBLE!

For all you phonies saying "story" is soooooo important, Mass Effect 2 on PS3 is impossible to fully enjoy without the brilliance of Mass Effect 1!

TBM2840d ago

I played both 1&2 on 360, and I can say as much as I love this series; I can say with all honesty none of the decisions made in the first game greatly affect what you do in part 2.

Im now playing part 2 on PS3 and im playing the game the exact same way story wise as I did on the 360 with the save being carried over.

Again i'll say you really don't need ME1 to play ME2 on PS3:

crzyjackbauer2840d ago

stop being a fanboy
and why the hell would you play ME2 on two consoles?
you dont own a 360 your just making stuff up

BattleAxe2840d ago

With me, I don't own a 360, and I was tempted to buy ME 1 + 2 on Steam, but I wanted controller support so I could play while sitting on my couch. I'm 41 hours into ME2 so far on PS3 and I love the game. Its one of the best games I've ever played. Even though I didn't play the first game, I understand what happened in the first game, and its good enough for me. I would have liked the interactive comic to have been a bit longer, but it definately helps to simplify the story from the first game.

TBM2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


hmm i did play ME1&2 on my 360 you freaking numbnuts. i own all 3 consoles because i have a decent paying job and can afford things that i want.

and the reason i bought ME2 for PS3 was because i didnt play the DLC on the 360 since i wasn't paying for LIVE.

so you GTFO fanboy.

if you wanna check just look up zero cool 108 once you see that this is real i hope you don't feel like a complete dumbass.

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kneon2840d ago

I played ME1 on PC as well but I didn't care about my choices then so I doubt I'll care when I get to ME2. And I didn't feel any of the "emotional attachment" to the characters in ME1 that the author was looking for, they were all pretty dull. I just took the same two on every mission as they were all equally useless.

ravinash2840d ago

Relax otherZinc.

It might be better if you have played ME1, but ME2 is still good using just the comic.
You just appreciate it more if you played 60hours to get there.

otherZinc2840d ago


I agree with that. I just dont like people saying ME1 isn't significant.

I also say reviewer rating ME2 on PS3 less than a 9 needs their head checked! The game is fantastic on any machine!

pain777pas2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

ME1 quite frankly does not play very well as a game. ME2 is a considerable upgrade. The game was so hard to go back to. Love the atmosphere and talking but I hate playing the old game. Everything seems bad about the gameplay in hindsight. ME2 has better and intuitive gameplay. ME3 in honesty if done right could challenge Gears 3 gameplay.

crzyjackbauer2840d ago

ME3 could Challenge Gears3?
see thats the problem with you people
you all just like to shoot
ME1 was 40% RPG 60% shooter
and one of the best RPGs this Gen
ME2 is 5% RPG 95% Shooter
sure the game plays smoother but i was dissapointed with the level up system
Bioware decided to sell out and make the game more accesible to all you COD kids

pain777pas2840d ago

#1 you are not responding to a COD kid. The RPG elements are still in the game and are handled better than the first game. The upgrade system worked and required players to explore every environment to find them.
#2 There is gameplay variety and story and dialogue in ME series that is well over a 20hr game. Gears of War is primarily a 5-8hr game. You can customize you charcters appearance and their cabin. There is just more to do in ME2. ME1 is overated as far as RPG elements. ME2 streamlined and even added. The level up system is similar to the first and not having to have charm slots is a bad thing? It is intuitive to have charm directly relate to how your playing the game. Paragons get the percs. Renegades get to play the vilain which is fun for some. The combat is much better. Now everything that they spoke about in concept from the first game can be actually executed ingame. If you have ever seen the concept videos from 2006 or 7 where they spoke about combining your powers and using tactics to take down a colossus for example... It can be done exactly as advertised in ME2 as opposed to the clunky combat of the first game. Bioware is on the cusp with their next RPG franchise (not the KOTOR MMO) to become an RPG powerhouse. They still have areas to improve but I think that they will take all their knowledge gained from their lessons they've learned this generation to make an ultimate RPG experience. Bethesda still to me is in the driver seat for western rpg immersion. However if Bioware can get that interactivity with their worlds to universes that they create they are fully capable having all the tools to be at the top.

BattleAxe2840d ago

Whatever crzyjackbauer you lousy PIEJACK!

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HarryMonogenis2840d ago

But as most of us know, Microsoft owns publishing rights for Mass Effect 1 -- and I highly doubt they'll give it up (like any company would).

The comic was good, but in my opinion the best way to enjoy the Mass Effect series is to actually play the first game.

Nicaragua2840d ago

Dunno why MS dosnt just publish the game on PS3 and make themselves some money. Its not like they are saving face since Mass Effect has gone multiplatform anyway.

IronFistChinMi2840d ago

A 15 minute comic could never be a good substitute to playing the first game. Sure, it took a couple of hours to get going, but when it did, it was awesome.

PhinneousD2840d ago

ME1 is a better rpg than the later

Loner2840d ago

They are never going to get it.If you really want to play it that bad just borrow a friends 360 and rent it

ksense2840d ago

why we don't need this pointless article? why bring something up that has been seen plenty of times before? why say something that is not going to matter because it is published by microsoft and is never gonna happen?

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