Gamespot: Activision not counting on Diablo III in 2011

Publisher's year-end financial figures show $4.45 billion in sales; company not committing to any major release from Blizzard this year.

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Sarevok2867d ago

The only game that makes me want to buy a gaming pc.

Ravenor2867d ago

For a Blizzard game? You're doing it wrong.

evrfighter2867d ago

They're trying to figure out a way to annualize it.

plb2867d ago

Wow, really. There are tons of great PC only games. Witcher 2 is coming out within a month which should be awesome.

Zinc2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

If I could agree with you more than once (no, I'm not one of those multiple account people), I would. BRAVO.

moe842867d ago

By within a month you mean May 17th....

joydestroy2867d ago

yep i'll be picking up Witcher2. there are a ton of PC games coming though. was hoping DiabloIII was gonna come out this year but i guess next year it is.

Xfanboy2867d ago

the only game that makes me wanna buy from activision!

Perjoss2867d ago

I hate it that this headline has Activision and Diablo III in the same sentence :(

why Blizzard, why?

moe842867d ago

Activision has gone down hill the last few years. Really sad Blizz merged with Acti.

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Kon2867d ago

Never played any Diablo games before. Might give it a try on this one.

plb2867d ago

Diablo is a great franchise.

Raf1k12867d ago

Play Diablo 2. You can still download the demo from some sites. I found that the game is pretty good and quite addictive even now after all these years.

NYC_Gamer2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

release another call of duty it will move 20+ million copies

Edit;lets not forget 15 dollar map packs that sell 1.5 million in 24hrs

MajestieBeast2867d ago

They better have the SC2 Zerg expansion and Diablo 3 ready by 2012.

Relientk772867d ago

This is the only PC game I want


Come on Blizzard finish up Diablo III and release it

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