Gran Turismo 5: Seasonal events and online dealer updated

Finally, the updating of seasonal events announced last week has arrived. This time, however, is a bit 'different. Here's why:

Substantially true seasonal events such as we used to think there are only two: the time trial and drift trial. But there's more: the real revolution is in the races, instead of being 5, this time they are 12 (4 sets of 3 events) and can be single replay, but they give a reward only the claims of the target position. Let's see in detail the events:...

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Schism202779d ago

Hey wats up with the low credits?

sinncross2779d ago

More races I guess.

I'd love some b spec races every once and a wile in these seasonal updates.

mikiberto232779d ago

I think they'll update B-Spec seasona levents soon. Well, I hope...

mikiberto232779d ago

Yes they give you few credits, but you can play how many times you want this events...

norman292779d ago

If you come lets say first, do you still get the Credits and Exp from 2nd 3rd ect ect also?

mikiberto232779d ago

No. I wrote it in the article... These seasonal events are just like normal a-spec events. You can play as many times you want these events

norman292779d ago

Well these seam pretty pointless then as you can earn more money and exp from just doing other normal A-Spec races

Minimox162779d ago

@ norman29

Agreed, before with one seasonal event in one race like the one with Ferrari Scuderia in 10 or less minutes i can do or did (xD) 1,000,000.00 of credit and 100,000 of exp. now it's obviously that time will not compensate Cr. & Exp like past Seasonals Events :/

MidnytRain2779d ago

I always love new challenges. I personally don't race online as much as I would because everyone usually sets up rooms for cars with 800+ horsepower. Sure I can enter and compete, but it's not as fun as testing my driving and tuning skills with unique cars that I am initially unused to. I'm looking forward to trying this stuff out.

Bounkass2779d ago

So what? They update continuously... Lol.