gamrFeed Exclusive: Interview with Disabled Gamer Gareth Garratt

You may have heard of Gareth Garratt, the disabled gamer who recently made some waves over at Visceral Games. Gareth told the folks at the Overclockers UK Forum he couldn't play Dead Space 2 because he needed to play with his chin, and was disappointed that the title didn't have more customizable options.

gamrFeed reached out to Gareth and asked him if he would be willing to tell everyone a little bit more about his life.

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BeardedGamerShow2862d ago

Great interview. Gaming really should be one of the most accessible forms of entertainment. Glad to see Visceral stepping up to the plate like that.

LtSkittles2861d ago

Read the interview with Ben Heck in GI was good, and he mentioned something about a controller with a straw. Signed the petition for Gareth on the forums a while back too.

TheGameLlama2861d ago

I can barely play shooters with two working hands. :( Nice interview!