Three Awesome LBP2 Levels You Must Play

Next Gen Nexus: "So recently I have decided to start a new "best of" series for LittleBigPlanet 2. The whole purpose of this series is to promote great user generated levels that other players might miss out on. Once a week I will pick three levels from LBP2 that really appealed to me and list them on this blog. Here are the top three that really stood out to me this week."

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Masterchef20072841d ago

The demonic cupcake in the 3rd video scares the heck out of me.

Treezy5042841d ago

Nothing like a satanic cupcake to guide your way through a horde of fatty tummies :D

Focker4202840d ago

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! Thats my level!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! :)

dead_eye2840d ago

@Focker420 congrats. Your level is queued to play now.

garos822840d ago

wonderful every days i visit the community im pleasantly suprised with new content on offer. i know that without a shadow of a doubt that in 2-3 months there will be sooooo many community created levels that will be nothing short of outstanding.

dead_eye2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

There is some amazing stuff on there. kinda puts me off making my levels lol.

Oh and would it be so hard for the list to provide links. Think that should be a standard with lbp2 level lists.

Knight vs knights
Caribbean carnage
Fat kids love cake
Fat kids love cake 1 player

P1NKY2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

The one thing that annoys me is that its really hard to get your own levels noticed because everyone just looks at the "Cool Levels" or "MM Picks". And when people do these "The best levels of LBP2" they always pick the levels which are in the "Cool Levels" and "MM Picks". So really it's always the same levels getting all the hits.

I've made a few levels and i've only heard good feedback so far with the majority of people liking them but because they aren't in "Cool Levels" or "MM Picks" they don't get much traffic.

MM should make new levels easier to find. I've noticed aswell that most of the levels in "MM Picks" and "Cool Levels" are the same ones from the day LBP2 came out or made by the same people with levels already in "MM Picks" and "Cool Levels" so all the newer levels are getting buried.

If anyones interested here are the levels.
Moon Lander: My main level at the moment with Moon Lander 2 coming soon.

Zombie Arcade: Was originally used as a mess around level but decided to publish it and so far everyone who's played it likes it.

dead_eye2840d ago

Thanks for the links I've queued them up.

P1NKY2839d ago

Thanks. I don't usually advertise my levels like this but at the moment I have no choice because they are buried under all the old "MM Picks" and "Cool Levels".

I hope that MM add something to help people promote new levels as it's soo much harder to get plays than it was on LBP1. =( Still a great game though.

dead_eye2838d ago

Nothing wrong with providing a link to your level. It's a lbp article about levels all should be welcome.

ShadowArchangel2839d ago

Totally understand what you mean. I actually try to play from the Newest section. If I'm trying to get the 5 hour trophy. Why not play things that no body will probably play xD I also try to leave reviews.

I only have one level published and it was during LBP1. I lost my saved data so I'm replaying LBP1 at the moment to get stickers and such so that I can build the level I have in mind. Your levels are on queue btw. :D

P1NKY2838d ago

Thanks. Let me know when you have your level up and running. :)