10° : How London Got A Taste Of The Nintendo 3DS

I don’t know about you, but when someone says “Nintendo” to me, I don’t automatically think “super vixens” and “the zombie apocalypse”. But then, until last weekend, I’d never been to a Nintendo event held in an old brewery in the trendy Whitechapel area of East London.

Brick Lane on a Saturday is a haze of red lipstick, artfully frayed silk and vintage cigarette holders, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised when I was greeted at the door of The Old Truman Brewery by a team of foxy women with swishy hair and high heels. Still, gaming doesn’t often attempt to be glamourous (no, Final Fantasy cosplay is not glamourous), so it was with curiosity that I allowed myself to be ushered up the Truman Brewery’s stairs to a whitewashed, windowless gallery.

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