HMV wants Microsoft to sanction Argos for Halo 3 error

In a further twist to the Halo 3/Argos broken street date drama, rival retailer HMV has called on Microsoft to impose "appropriate sanctions" on anyone who "blatantly flout street dates". Duncan La Barre, online games specialist at HMV told Pro-G that the company hoped Microsoft would change their mind.

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skynidas3952d ago

Halo 3 is an overhyped game

Dreamworker3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

and now?

gunnerforlife3952d ago

360 is a over hyped peace of crap of a machine, wait wait wait i meant broken machine because i am sure your one is getting repaired.

Panthers3952d ago

All of you are idiots and this has nothing to do with the article.

ReBurn3951d ago

Awesome! Bubbles for you!

Anyway, what can Microsoft really do as a sanction? Not let them sell any more copies of Halo? That wouldn't be helpful to Microsoft.

SuperSaiyan43951d ago

You go ahead and start selling it as well! At least you can still point the finger at someone and let me have it early lol.