Sony Is Not Allowed To Ask Google For The PS3 Hacker’s Names

So, some guys cracked the PS3's copy protection security wide open. One of them is a "celebrity". The others are complete unknowns. So unknown that Sony can't find them, meaning it can't take them to court.

In an attempt to track them ("them" being the fail0verflow team) down, Sony earlier this week declared it would be issuing subpoenas demanding sites like Google and PayPal hand over personal and contact information on all the hackers.

It sounded a little much, and US District Judge the Honorable Susan Illston agrees, blocking Sony's attempts at issuing those subpoenas.

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Billy_Dee_Williams2662d ago

I just don't see this working out for Sony. Their attempts are now starting to reek of desperation more than ever before. They cant win this battle with lawsuits so they might as well stop wasting the money on legal fees.

NewMonday2662d ago

I think they are allowed to ask, but Google aren't allowed to give the names.

2661d ago
AndrewRyan2661d ago

Of course not, google is not allowed tracking people's identity, so if they gave out information regard certain people they could be sued for all they own by the people themselves.

Thank god for anonymous browsing! I know I don't want people knowing everything I search up on the internet, the internet is interconnected to free will. Some things you do on the internet can be traced, some are not allowed to be traced. It is just how freedom works on the internet. If google could give out people's information I know that many people would stop using google and move to another search engine.

Theonik2661d ago

Google is allowed to give names, they say so in their TOS if you read them that they retain the right to give your information if legal issues are concerned, They refuse to though. Sony is getting ridiculous now.

tastelessgamer2662d ago

As we have stated before, this case is a losing battle for Sony. Maybe they should save the money and bring us some more exclusives. That would be awesome!

Biggest2662d ago

That's funny. The one company that is releasing tons of exclusives, is the company that needs to be told to make more exclusives?
I don't feel that it is a losing battle. It seems that Sony is dismantling the hackers hard work step by step. They have already shut the larger mouthpieces down (the main sites known for hacking/piracy) and they have some of the larger hacker names tied up in court (which means not hacking). They stopped online play for hackers. It seems as if things are happening the way they want them to so far. They aren't losing money by going to court. They have lawyers on the payroll anyway. Those lawyers need to earn their money sometimes, right?

the_best_player2662d ago

Already 20 plus exclusives for PS3 this year

tastelessgamer2662d ago

Wouldn't you all like and enjoy more exclusives? We would!

Heck, we would be happy if they would invest in a voice message service. No one likes sending those 'text' messages.

rockleex2661d ago

Next tasteless gamer's gonna tell us we should pay to play games online, spend our money on unreliable hardware, and embrace Michael Phelps' ultimate swimming game!

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Chris3992662d ago

They can still be issued, just not at present. Does Luke Plunkett even read his source material? He's one of the sloppiest journalists I've ever seen. Like a drunk at a carnival.

Here's a less drunken-fanboy written article.

nycrekid2662d ago

I think Sony should just hire a set of really good hackers to hack these guys back. If for nothing else it would make for good entertainment.

MiloGarret2661d ago

Yeah, that would never backfire. I mean, the global hacker community is known for being very tolerant and nice towards multinational companies, especially when said companies attempt to attack them. Right? .............Right? Dickhead.

nycrekid2661d ago

I'm a dickhead? What is this global hacking community you speak of? Most hackers don't do this type of shit that Geohotz is doing. In fact most don't even approve of his BS and attention whoring as it bring attention to them. It brings heat on them! the real hackers do this for a hobby and they don't do it to hurt corporations that creates these "toys" for their hobby. Most of them are against piracy.


MiloGarret2661d ago

Oh, you're a child. Sorry.

nycrekid2661d ago

Yeah sure I am a child...

I've been gaming since you were an itch in your daddy's pants bro.

Is that all you have for me as a comeback?


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nickjkl2662d ago

you see desperation i just see them finding out information to make their case that much heavier

but then again i wouldnt expect gamers to know that much about creating a case

DaTruth2662d ago

The lawyers at corporations are on the payroll, so might as well put them to use, since you're paying them regardless!

The lawyer at my work spends all his time trying to get money from customers who refuse to pay and making sure customers with exclusive agreements don't break the terms!

rbrtchng2661d ago

You do know that Sony's lawyers gets paid whether or not they sue right? These are their in-house lawyers. And your statement is the same as "we can't stop all the murders, so let's just stop looking for murderers."

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hoops2662d ago

"Sony earlier this week declared it would be issuing subpoenas demanding sites like Google and PayPal hand over personal and contact information on all the hackers."

As much as I applaud Sony for taking this tough stance on hackers and pirates that IMO are low life's of gaming,
Trying to do the ABOVE in quotes is a legal and constitutional minefield that Sony won't win anytime soon. I can't see ANY judge allowing this within the context of the given law.
It can open a can of worms...
Saying that, these people hacking/pirating systems are the plague of gaming today.

ChickeyCantor2662d ago

"Saying that, these people hacking/pirating systems are the plague of gaming today."

Someone trading in or lending out or selling his copy is no worse.
Go figure.

Hacking is not bad by definition.
You have to be narrow minded to just go by that opinion.

xX-PEIN-Xx2662d ago

trading or lending games does not compromise a console's security, hacking does.

ProGrasTiNation2662d ago

80% sheep on this site,they have only the opinion sony gives them



Are you saying a guy who legally bought his game are not supposed to be allowed to lend it to a friend or sell it if he doesn't want it anymore? Even worse, are you saying that such a guy is on the same level of someone that never bought the game but instead illegally download the same game, avoiding paying for a product he intended to use and which generated costs to be created and marketed?

I understand what you mean by hacking isn't bad by definition (although you have to be legally blind to miss the fact that hacking on PS3 has been done purelly for illegal purposes and the whole semantics between pirate, hacker and modder by now are just poor excuse) but trying to level piracy and used games market (or even worse, game lending) is out of this world... I expected more from a 5-bubbler.

Silly gameAr2662d ago

Yeah. Big time. I know if I was trying to protect my investment, I wouldn't do everything in my power to stop these guys. I would just let them do everything they can to ruin me.

UP2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I have just now realized some thing sony can never win when it comes to gamers. They did not do so well protecting the psp it gets hacked to high hell and many companies do not make games for it because of that- people bitch. When sony tries with all its might to protect its investments which also protects companies making games so games get made for the system- people bitch.

Biggest2662d ago

I don't always agree with you, Silly gameAr. You are so right on this one that it is kind of silly. I wonder if all these smart people would just lay down and let a man twice their size break into their house, borrow their wife/girlfriend, eat their food, sleep in their bed, and generally do whatever they wanted to. I mean, it's not like they'd be able to stop the big guy. Or would they look for every available option to stop him?

Silly gameAr2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )


Thanks man. It's crazy how far people are going to support this. People are actually talking about boycotting Sony for trying to protect the PS3 and the PS3 gamers who game online.

It blows my mind.

DFresh2662d ago

Well Sony may not be able to take all the hackers to court but at least they blocked all the access points to those people to hacking the PS3 and that should be enough of an accomplishment in its own right.
(At least I can feel good now only that less people are around now hacking on the PS3.)

ProGrasTiNation2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

You do realize sony cant stop this,no company in history has stopped it & aint about to start now.
Homebrew & ps3 hacks are here to

GoldPS32662d ago

It's impossible to find every hacker. Let it go Sony. Focus of more important things.

Infernostew2662d ago

Last time I checked it was Sony's on staff lawyers who were focusing on the trial. I doubt the company itself is being too much bothered by it since they really don't have anything to lose at this point. The only ones who are really paying are the hackers who are shelling out the money for lawyers.

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