Killzone 3 Beta Under The Knife Writes : Its not hard to be excited about the impending release of Killzone 3 at the end of this month, and thankfully Sony and Geurilla Games arent going to make you wait to try it out, They have released an "Open Beta" Which is free to download from the Playstation Store.

Whilst only a small sample of the finished product, it is already looking like a must have for any FPS fan.

There is a lot that Killzone 3 has in common with its predecessor, and as with any new game from an existing franchise, there will be quite few references to the previous game when comparing features and usability. Whislt all of the classes, with the exception of the Assault class, have made the transition to this new battlefield, many of the character models have been re-designed (most notably the Helghast versions) giving them a completely new look and feel. Many of the weapons and abilities associated with those classes also return. But whilst Killzone 2 was set in either Dry, Windswept deserts or Industrial facilities, Killzone 3 boasts vastly different and varied maps, including Jungles, ruined Cities and, the map included in this Open Beta, A Frozen Dam.

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mayberry2860d ago

I can not stop playing the beta! WOW! what a game! I'd pay 60$ for the beta! :)

deafwing2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

that's a bit of an exaggeration don't you think :/? the open beta doesn't even show you the mech and other stages like the closed beta ... but yes, either closed or open, both beta show that game has the potential to be a better game than kz2

artsaber2859d ago

While I may not pay $60, I must admit honestly, I have spent more time on KZ3 Beta online than I have with some $60 games' online feature. To me, that speaks volumes in the quality of KZ3, even @ the beta level.

If this was a Killzone Multiplayer PSN title online, mixed in with 7 maps, etc., sold @ $24.99, I would buy it in an instant.

The full $60 game is a must buy for me, haters can rot for all I care.

ivant2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )


If KZ3 was purely a MP only game it would have likely scored higher reviews.....what with the SP being the main reason the fanboy sites are deducting points.

Still sick of the dumb*ss tacticians and players more interested in playing it more like CoD.