BioWare: Dragon Age 2 will be equal on all three platforms

Often times when it comes to big releases like BioWare's Dragon Age 2, not all things are equal. Just look at last year's "big time" releases Final Fantasy XIII and Fallout: New Vegas where in the former the PS3 version was superior to the Xbox 360 version and in the latter the PS3 version was far buggier than the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Mike Laidlaw, the Lead Designer for Dragon Age 2, says that gamers shouldn't expect that to be the case when it comes to his game.

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hoops2780d ago the PC version gets the "console" PS3, Xbox360 shaft once again. Anytime I hear:

"will be equal on all three platforms..."

It really means:

"PC version will not have DX11 from the ground up as IT should have."

"PC version will have the same level of textures despite having more memory and far superior GPU'S/CPU'S"

"PC version will have lame ass support for Tessellation and ADOF.."

This generation has really seen the PC get bent over because of the PS3 and Xbox360.

TheSoundDefense2780d ago

Well the question is, how many people will play the PC version compared to the console versions? If it's significantly more popular on PS3 and 360, it's not exactly worthwhile to make upgrades to the PC version. Just as good is... well, just as good.

When I first saw the name of the article, I thought "DA2 is coming to Wii?" and immediately afterward I realized how stupid that was.

evrfighter2780d ago

lol i remember that last article detailing pc features.

I just went from being interested to Pre-ordering The Witcher 2.

ravinash2780d ago

The Witcher 2 does look pretty good.
I haven't gotten many PC games as of late, but I giving serious consideration about that one.

SactoGamer2780d ago

Mike Laidlaw even said DX11 on the PC will be supported.

shovelface882780d ago

He said, "PC version will not have DX11 from the ground up as IT should have."

He didn't say it wasn't supported.

SactoGamer2780d ago

@shovelface88 Fair enough.

WildArmed2780d ago

It's basically PR down the road.
They can never outright say 'If you aren't buying X-version, you aren't buying the real deal'
Plus.. content wise, they are all the same.
Performance and other stuff is up in the air ;)

SactoGamer2780d ago

Especially on PC where different people will have different CPUs, GPUs, etc.

peowpeow2780d ago

It's been said for Battlefield 3, outright so it's possible for anyone else to do so too

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Sarcasm2780d ago

"This generation has really seen the PC get bent over because of the PS3 and Xbox360. "

Yeah it's a shame that the PC isn't utilized as much it could be. The only thing I really want developers to do for PC games is AT LEAST OPTIMIZE it as much as possible. All too often I get stupid frame rate dips and see low CPU and GPU usage.

badboy8082780d ago

If you gonna blame a platform blame the 360. It's holding the PS3 and PC back. The PS3 can handle anything the PC can.

iamgoatman2780d ago

"The PS3 can handle anything the PC can."

HAHAHAHAHA! Please tell me you aren't THAT delusional?

Got to love these PS3 fanboys, actually thinking their beloved console is comparable to even a gaming PC, and that somehow the 360 is miles behind it as well, whereas in actual fact both consoles are very similar in terms of performance.

dragunrising2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

The article says that the PC version has DirectX 11 support. It didn't say anything about the PC version being crippled. Visually, Dragon Age Origins was vastly superior on the PC. The consoles versions on the other hand didn't look very good by any definition. Why is it horrible that the console versions look a lot better in DA2 and each version is optimized?

Blacktric2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

"BioWare: Dragon Age 2 will be equal on all three platforms"

He says "in terms of visual presentation". Not on performance level. I really don't give a rat's a** about graphical quality THAT much. It should look decent, sure. But it doesn't have to look equally as good as the PC version. All I need is good performance. Look at Origins on PS3. On top of not having some effects (water ripples, etc.), most of the time, it runs at 20-25 FPS in open areas. It's a mess. I'll be getting Dragon Age 2 for the PS3 since that was the version I've preordered before Signature Edition promotion ended. I don't want to miss that extra 20 dollar content. But if Bioware screws me once again, I'll sell it and wait till the 360 version gets a major price drop. I'm not going to play a 30+ hour game with 20 FPS performance again.

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Tolkien is acknowledged in the credits across all platforms.
We have grafiks tho

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KaiokenKid2780d ago

He worded the answer liek theyll be the same game wise. He didnt really make it sound like theyll be equal graphicaly and performance wise.

Zinc2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

While I don't like the fact that they are not PC centric in their design and all the things we miss out on as PC players because of that, I'm still happy they are at least attempting to make it a worthwhile experience on the PC. That's better than some developers... even with the downgraded textures. Oh, well.

Ultimately, in my view, PC will still end up being the winner overall, especially when the mods come.

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