Shogun Gamer: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 [Review]

Casey White wrote: "Back in 2008 Capcom did me a solid and revamped the classic Bionic Commando, added achievements, and let me download it on the Xbox 360. It’s always been one of those titles that I had a warm affiliation for, and rendering it into 3D art, providing new challenge modes, and providing an option to relive the classic NES platform’s hay-day proved the concept still worked in the modern era. The idea of someone taking a big leap like removing jumping from a platforming side-scroller was mind-blowing. Having the ability to do it again in 2008 and still rope me in, even bigger of a revelation. So when Capcom dropped the bomb that they were adding in a jump button… well my interest waned a little honestly."

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