Sony Responds To DC Universe Cost Complaints

Kotaku Australia: DC Universe has had a troubled launch in Australia – mainly due to the costs of local subscriptions. Instead of charging users a flat US fee, and letting the exchange rate take care of the rest, DC Universe has a flat Australian dollar figure – and we’re paying more than the rest of the world. Thankfully Sony has responded to the DC Universe community in the form of a statement released today.

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radphil2779d ago

I'm not surprised that AU is screwed on all fronts when it comes to gaming.

Their politicians, their rating system holding back things, etc. It really sucks that they have to have one thing after another happen. =\

BattleAxe2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Everything is expensive in Aus. I'm Canadain, and i went down there for 3 weeks to vist a friend, and it was $7.00 for a McChicken meal at McDonalds. It was about $7.50 for a Venti Caramel Frapachino at StarBucks. But people generally make more money there because the cost of living is higher.

insomnium22779d ago

It's kinda cool to see them lowering the price like this. Sounds pretty fair.

Jdoki2779d ago

Think this a world wide thing.

In the UK they've done the same and dropped the 90-day sub to £19.99 (from £27.99). This promotional offer is only available until 1st March, and lasts as long as you continuously subscribe. If you unsubscribe and later re-subscribe the price goes back up to the original cost.

Just for info £19.99 is 32.00AUD, so Australia is still getting a more raw deal.

thats_just_prime2779d ago

what $oy meant to say was "We never thought you dumb sucker would ever find out. Oh well we're goin to keep over charge your a$$ anyways cause we're greedy"

zootang2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Says the kid paying to play online, lol.