Edge 225 Review Scores, Killzone 3 and More

The latest edition of Edge is now available and the review scores from the issue are now appearing online. Killzone 3, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Pokemon Black/White, and more are reviewed.

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Shok2778d ago

MvC3 a 7/10? O_O Didn't see that comin.

ManGastaS2778d ago ShowReplies(2)
BrianC62342778d ago

It's EDGE. You should always expect a horrible score. That magazine isn't worth reading if you care about game reviews.

Shok2778d ago

True, seein as they gave games like GOWIII and MGS4 8s.

But I didn't expect that kind of score for a multiplat, especially MvC3. Edge mostly gives bullshit scores to PS3 and Wii exclusives.

Myst2778d ago

I had such high hopes for Mindjack and they were crushed underneath a boulder...

Be that as it may can't wait next week MvC3! Though I guess the score was dropped because of lack of spectator mode perhaps and replay?

despair2778d ago

this just shows they give dumb scores as always just because they can, I mean are we to take edge seriously considering their review score over the last year or so?

LordMarius2778d ago

Pokemon Black/White [8]

I hate this magazine

kaveti66162778d ago

What, you think they scored it too high or too low?

hudsoniscool2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

i like edge. they dont throw around 9s and 10s often like most other sites. most other sites will review a game and " this game is good 9/10". to me a 9 is a really great game and most games that get 9s or 10s dont deserve them.

despair2778d ago

its one thing to rate hard but its another to rate unfairly and they do that often.

Bathyj2778d ago

They dont know gaming is about having fun either.

DelbertGrady2778d ago

I thought gaming was more about pretty graphics and generic gameplay. At least that's what N4G has taught me.

OT - I expected more from Knight's Contract. It looked promising in previews.

strickers2778d ago

No,they play favourites instead and exhibit bias.The KZ2 review very little mention of it's excellent AI when Halo they crow about it all the time.Yet I never saw KZ2 enemy AI fail,,whereas a friend of mine had enemies trying to melee kill him through pillars in ODST.Edge thought the AI was great in that game,they then when on to mention how the buddy AI didn't work,but it didn't hurt the ODST score.

I read it cover to cover for years but it's gone downhill since Mott took over as editor and it's no coincidence he was Gamecentral editor before that.They are Metro now but still anti Sony.

It is actually true that the media are anti Sony it's not fanboys nonsense.I could literally point out hundreds of examples.The recent treatment of NGP vs 3DS shows illogical analysis of each system and hypocrisy.

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The story is too old to be commented.