The Strangest Zelda Moments

With a video game franchise that has been around for about two decades; there are obviously going to be some events and characters that come off as…odd. The Legend of Zelda franchise is no exception to this rule and through the years Zelda fans have seen some strange things. So, We Got This Covered has made a list of the oddest moments in the Zelda series so far (with the exception of the irritating fairy wannabe: Tingle).

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avroth162779d ago

Very cool article.

Love the Zelda franchise.

quanchi2779d ago

How about those cd-i Zelda games?

RaymondM2779d ago

I thought it was an unspoken rule (barring what i just spoke about) to never mention the cd-i games? lol
Those things were bad!

ChickeyCantor2779d ago

To be fair, the music was pretty awesome.
I never knew about the CDI Games until 2006 or something. But i sure liked the OST.

TheHip142779d ago

Always loved the Zelda games, especially Ocarina of Time

Arcee2779d ago

Amen on the mention of the timeline for the series.

Ayer992779d ago

Cool article. I really liked flying as a seagle in WW.

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