The Overseas Connection Podcast #102

The Overseas Connection, the official Community podcast, brings you this week's breaking video game news, new releases and ofcourse feedback from listeners. Join Murphys Law, CPM1376, ChinnChinny and a special guest host Jsslifelike as they break it down OC style.

Topics Covered this week:

■What do you do to keep you significant other happy so you can game?
■GT5′s GT Academy season 2 ruined by cheaters.
■Battlefield 3 details begin to emerge.
■Sony’s Xperia phone is real and we get details on carriers.
■Kyocera announces dual screen android phone.
■The Darkness 2 is coming but do we care?
■HTC invests $40 million in On-Live!
■Conan O’Brien and Xbox Live, was it really close to being done?
■Xbox Live House Party details.
■Sony’s NGP reportedly to get a Killzone game.
■Nintendo’s 3DS getting the Conduit.

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