Is This The PlayStation 3′s Super Smash Bros?

Kotaku: PlayStation Move Heroes, a game we played last year, is the first PlayStation game to bring lots of characters from Sony games together.

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Shok2537d ago

Ha, that's looks really fun. It'd be hilarious if Sev or Drake was in the game xD. They would totally stand out.

But wasn't this a cooperative game at first?

remanutd552537d ago

Sev or Drake would be perfect for a game with Cole , Kratos , Hale , Chimera , Helghast and others but not on the current Playstation Move Heroes , you know which characters i think would be perfect on the current PS Move Heroes game? Sir Daniel Fortesque and Sackboy lol

HellzAssassin2537d ago

Oh man, I completely forgot about Medievil!!! :|
They need to make a new one!

remanutd552537d ago

yes HellzAssassin they really need to make a new one , i hope they make it multiplatform ( PS3 / NGP )

Omar912537d ago

@hell assassin: I heard there is a medievil currently in production now.

ABizzel12537d ago

They are in a game together. Uncharted 2 multiplayer with skins DLC (only missing Kratos)

ExplosionSauce2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

It would be great if they made an MvC type game with all Sony characters like Kratos, Ratchet, Sly, Jak, Drake, Cole, etc.
(I'd die if they brought Crash back :P)

PS. Move Heroes and Smash Bros are completely different types of games.

Kerrby2536d ago

No it's not and it's not even a fighter.

Stupid article, just like everything else on this website.

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BiggCMan2537d ago

To answer the articles question, no. This is nothing like Smash Bros', nor is it ment to compete with it. But it is looking really awesome from everything I have seen so far and I am really looking forward to it.

lil Titan2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

nah not there Super Smash Bros even tho it fells like the need one more character...hmm how about Kratos and his Chains of Olympus as his side kick lol automatic M rating, Playstation also need a kart racer or JUST BRING BACK SPEED PUNKS i know im not the only one that remembers that game

JakemanPS319942537d ago

modnation is there kart racer.. and a very good one at that

lil Titan2537d ago

@JakemanPS31994 oh i forgot about that game guess ill pick it up now


In Smash Bros they fight each other.
In PS Move Heroes, they don't.

TheHater2537d ago

Too bad we can't teach Common Sense because the gaming media is lacking it

BiggCMan2537d ago

Hahaha! Indeed. Can't wait for Mortal Kombat though now that you mention it. Anyways, this game is looking sweet, but I really wish they kept the original name of Heroes on the Move. Sounded cooler in my opinion.

EyeContact2537d ago

this ^^^

Kotaku fail again

NJShadow2537d ago

Is the person who wrote this high? How is this game ANYTHING like Super Smash Brothers, aside from the fact that it features platform specific characters. You play through the game with them, you don't battle each other! Can't say I'm surprised with this, as it is a Kotaku article... Anything for hits I suppose...

RockmanII72537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Would be cool if they made a deal with Activision to make some Crash/Spyro DLC for this. It's not like those two have anything better to do at the moment.

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