Leaderboards, or Loserboards?

Evan Ling, volunteer staff writer at Go! Gaming Giant offers his two cents on the function of Leaderboards in competitive online multiplayer gaming.

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Dart892659d ago

Frankly i think leaderboards are stupid that's why we see so many people boost and crap so they can be at the top.

maskedaprentice2659d ago

Leaderboards are good when utilized right ala Hot Pursuit. Otherwise, they're just there for the hackers to find out how to break them.

teh2659d ago

leaderboards are a vital part of a gaming community. They help you to compare yourself to others around your particular skill level. The problem arises when people take them to seriously and create turmoil within their personal life. Leaderboards are fine by themselves, problems occur when people corrupt them.

Murgatroyd72659d ago

Personally, I only find leaderboards enjoyable in arcades.

omicron0092659d ago

leaderboards are fun to get achievements in, but as a ranking system its useless since all the top players are usually cheaters.

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