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TGS 07: Kojima Speaks

It's become a tradition for Konami director Hideo Kojima to hold a stage presentation every year at the Tokyo Game Show. This year was no exception, and he appeared on stage a the Konami booth talk about the new bosses in MGS4 and giving some additional information. (Metal Gear Online, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS2, PS3)

Mario18  +   2552d ago
I find it funny because behind that image of Hideo you see Microsoft and the 360 logo
BulletToothtony  +   2552d ago
that pic
it's a little old... but they use the heck out of it.. gamesites know it will get the attention of gamers that way
jackdoe  +   2552d ago
Don't see how you got disagrees for stating the obvious about the picture. Looks like some people have a vendetta against you.
skynidas  +   2552d ago
MGS4 is best than halo 3
Mario18  +   2552d ago
I'm guessing your the one who disagreed. "MGS4 is best than Halo 3"
just shows that you don't know English
Panthers  +   2552d ago
Both will be great games.
mentalboy11  +   2552d ago
jackdoe  +   2552d ago
Great information, great article. Surprised that no other gaming site covered this yet.
Vojkan  +   2552d ago
Microsoft didnt let them to do it. Especially 1UP crap
HeavyweightInTheGame  +   2552d ago
He is trying to tell us something by standing in front of that banner? Maybe not MGS but something else? New IP? I believe that was mentioned earlier this year?
Satanas  +   2552d ago
Heh, that image isn't part of the article, Bloodmask just decided to use it.
Infernus  +   2552d ago
lol Bloodmask continues the 'MGS4 coming to 360' rumour marathon with a picture.
Drano  +   2552d ago
There's only one thing Microsoft's Money can't buy... Love.
UJUSTLOSTONE  +   2552d ago
Great informative Article
Seems like this Latest installment, although they tried to make it more accessible for newcomers, Is really for series fans

And I DEFINATELY have NO problem with that
HarryEtTubMan  +   2552d ago
OMG this game is going to be soooo HUGE....EPIC.. When I think about it..what game out there TRUELY has a better story than the Metal Gear Solid franchise...it is the BEST
reaferfore20  +   2551d ago
I liked FF7 a little bit better. The whole Gia theory is amazing. But yeah MGS' story is top-notch.
codeazrael  +   2551d ago
This is the end for Solid Snake.................but not Snake
You guys don't grab the hints that Kojima have been giving, do you? Remember, the solid series started with the playstation, but remember before the solid series, it was just metal gear. I guarantee you that Snake will be back, even if it is a clone, Snake will be back. Kojima's gonna leave it to the younger guys to cultivate the next series in the metal gear universe..........maybe Metal Gear: Evolution?????? But how would I know all of this?????? hmm, it helps being in the know.
THC CELL  +   2551d ago
i think this game will be awesome

@ bloodmask
Grow up if microsoft plays cards right u might just see mgs5 Cough
reaferfore20  +   2551d ago
So it says the story picks up from MGS2's events. But if I remember correctly Snake died at the beginning and the rest was a simulation... right? It's been a LONG time since I've played through that game and can't really remember the specifics but if someone could refresh my memory that would be awesome.

Oh yeah, just for sh1ts and giggles: http://www.newgrounds.com/p...
Z501  +   2551d ago
All i have to say is ...
Custom weapons!?(M9 w scope/silencer) & OCTOCAMO!!! ...
Proceed ...

The end of MGS2 snake hands you the dogtag you made at the begining of the game.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------->
I like how we still don't know what's that Sh!^ Snake keeps injecting.
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doublertist  +   2551d ago

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