60° Blizzard Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Even the industry’s most colossal game developers have started from humble beginnings, and Blizzard is no exception. From The Lost Vikings and Warcraft to Diablo and Starcraft (and the successors therein), the innovative studio has been at the front of the pack for nearly its entire lifespan. Having been passed through many hands until its current place with Activision, Blizzard has remained true to its vision of “mak[ing] cool games and have fun doing so.” Simple enough, isn’t it?

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ATiElite2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

by delaying the release of all it's games for ten more years.

delmartian2778d ago

Haha, fair enough. I never wait around for Blizzard; when I hear a game announcement from them, I just put it on the mental backburner indefinitely. They don't run the risk of running out of money like smaller devs, so they can afford to polish their game until it reflects the sun.

In any case, they've built a reputation on quality - and quality takes its own sweet time.

Spinal2778d ago

How about celebrating and releasing Diablo 3? :S

delmartian2777d ago

I'll sign that petition :P