Guitar Hero DLC support to stop at the end of this month

Nintendo Universe writes:

Following news that they have disbanded their Guitar Hero Business Division, Activision have announced that they are to stop releasing downloadable content at the end of this month.

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SeraphimBlade2779d ago

Oh crap. i kinda hoped that without a game in development we'd be just focusing on DLC. Well, we got a Rocky Horror track pack and that's what really matters. But could it kill you to release that Muse song on PS3?

Quickstrike2779d ago

I hope they don't take down current songs or stop the online servers >:(

SeraphimBlade2779d ago

You know what, I have yet to find a SINGLE person online. Wouldn't really matter. Anyone can see. Wouldn't really matter, wouldn't really matter... to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Redempteur2779d ago

still great while playing Rock band online ..