Halo 3 offers a solid if short campaign

"Halo 3" will give fans of the sci-fi shooter video game series exactly what they're looking for: a solid, if short, single-player campaign and multiplayer tweaks that'll keep people coming back to annihilate their friends online.

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Daxx4100d ago

Metagame + Leaderboards + Online 4 player coop = Infinite replayability for campaign.

Oh and you can watch what you and your friends did with saved films.

Sayai jin4100d ago

I bet Heroic or Legendary level will be at least 10 to 18 hours for an average gamer. Hell I remember I was a pro at Halo (at least I think so), but legendary took me over 22 hours. The Covenent does not miss on Legendary! Finwish the Fight!

razer4100d ago

And the game is great! The SP campaign on Heroic was about 12 hours for me to complete. This is perfect for a SP campaign and I wonder what difficulty these people played it on?

The graphics are a nice step-up from H2 with a lot more action! The way the game loads during the levels can cause some stutter, barely noticable but I'm thinking people might be mistaking that for a framte rate slowdown. Even when there are a ton of enemies on screen and huge arial battles overhead the game runs smooth as butter. The Brutes are unbelievably smart in this game and the whole enemy AI is excellent. You need to play this game on Heroic and it's stated in the game that that is the way Bungie intended it to be played(as previous games stated). It's also nice that you will get the Normal achievement at the same time you finish Heroic.

The skulls and terminals are cleverly placed and even though I looked I didn't find any so there is some definate replayabilty on that alone. Throw in MP and Froge and you have a TON of replayability.

My favorite moment in the game was the last level but I won't go into detail as to not spoil it for anyone.. You are in for a treat at the end is all I will say!

I would give this game a 9.5/10

Dr Pepper4100d ago

"I wonder what difficulty these people played it on?"

They said they played it on easy and that it took around 4 hours to finish.

Sayai jin4100d ago

To me you cheat yourself when you play it on the easist levels.