A Cry For Non-Linear Shooters

First Person Shooters aren’t made the same way as they were in the 90s. Games like DOOM and numerous other FPS games at the time required more than just a happy trigger finger to get past most of the levels. They required skill, patience and a lot of exploration for you to complete the games.

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ATiElite2779d ago

FPS/Rpg is the way to go as it offers more depth on story and game play to the Single player side which is sometimes being forgotten with the blind rush for a online component being glued to every game now a days.

K3nji2779d ago

Original Deus Ex is a fine example of a shooter way ahead of it's time...funny thing is there hasn't been a FPS yet that outdoes it(Hopefully the new Deus Ex will)! Non-linear gameplay and multiple paths, story-driven and multiple playthroughs! =D

hoops2779d ago

I can't think of too many if any FPS non linear shooters on consoles to be honest.

theEx1Le2779d ago

But it was slaughtered at reviews for lack of direction and too much open world space (-_-).

darkdoom30002779d ago

That's one thing I found really interesting about bioshock.

Linear isn't a bad thing. but It's nice to have variety.

mega BIG time2779d ago

writer must've recently played doom

VenomProject2779d ago

BioShock constantly comes to mind when I think of a non-linear FPS.

Legion2779d ago

Bioshock felt very linear to me. Seemed like I was going from point A to point B for the most part. And definetly was not open world.

Borderlands is an excellent example of non-linear that was fun. I would possibly add Operation Flashpoint on the list as non-linear as you could choose which areas to attack and when. Though it was scripted in some aspects.

Original Doom as an example of non-linear? Don't know about that??? I was basically locked in room areas that I needed to clear out and get keys to be able to go to other areas. Still some what linear.

All games are Linear in that they point you to a certain direction. But when they allow you to explore and do other things or choose how you are going to do things, that is when we say they are not linear.

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The story is too old to be commented.