IGN: The Lobby - Guitar Hero's Demise

Activision announced today that Guitar Hero is no more... at least for the time being. But what do the IGN Editors think? Let's find out.

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willie322446d ago

The graphics for the series never changed since the original xbox and PS2 era, except make it HD. I swear they are using the same game engine for the past 6 years. Here is a word of advice. How about not putting out two games a year for the series. They over saturated the market with this game. Aren't they doing this for another series they may run into the ground?

zireno2446d ago

2 games a year? there were 6 guitar hero games (without counting dj hero) in 2010 D:

willie322446d ago

How about all the band-specific versions (Aerosmith/Van Halen)?

thats_just_prime2446d ago

About time they milk that in to the ground and then kept trying to milk it

zireno2446d ago

Yeah, I mean they really wanted to kill this franchise, they released 15 Guitar Hero games, and 2 Dj Hero games in only 5 years and I'm not counting the handheld versions. I'm glad they finally stopped.

gorebago2446d ago

Warriors of rock suffered from split personality and no focus. It was only a matter of time. Plus the dj hero soundtracks were garbage and missed opportunities.

SwampCroc2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

good. hopefully that entire fad will fall out... I never was it's biggest fan.. or any of those games..

those guitar games are pretty stupid too... it was solely about revenue after game 1 hit big..... just imagine all the chumps they got on 3 song track packs... hah

the_hitman30002446d ago

good now i just wonder if cod will go down this road

jessupj2446d ago

No doutb since they're focusing all their efforts on COD now. Will we see 2 CODs a year now? Quite possibly. And then after that is milked to death what will they have left? They'll have all the new IPs they investe.... o wait!