Duke Nukem Forever gets Australian MA15+ rating

Duke Nukem Forever has officially made it past the Australian censors, scraping through with an MA15+ rating which makes it appropriate for gamers 15 years and older.

The report states the game contains "Strong violence, sexual references, crude humour and drug references" - exactly what we'd expect from the Duke.

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jashmister2863d ago

Not banned? good, other than that no one really gives a shit about ratings anymore.

ZombieNinjaPanda2863d ago

Why not just have a regular rating system instead of banning games?

jashmister2863d ago

why? idiots in the government, seriously senator conroy has (and probably failed by now) but he tried to censor the internet as bad a china like seriously he doesn't even have a good reason, he just wants too.

hmmmm2863d ago

Either you don't know much about the proposed Internet filter, or you don't know how bad the censorship is in china, because it is not going to be anyway near that bad....

jashmister2862d ago

Ok that is probably a exaggeration but when they obtain the power to ban shit they don't like/understand they will then ban anything that goes against them thus abusing their power.

Mista T2863d ago

I'm sure that barely got through though, I'm sure a lot of Aussie Duke fans are breathing a sigh of relief

slyrunner2863d ago

NICE!!!! BOOBIES FTW!!! But nah really, im kind of excited! more news i hear, the more Horn...*cough cough* excuse me, the more "excited" i get!

worm20102863d ago

i thought i would get banned for sure

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