Magic: The Gathering Comes to PlayStation Home + Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Mansion Update & More


- The Magic: The Gathering game space is a modern castle filled with six mini-games that unlock various rewards.
- The PlayStation Home elite will get an opportunity to expand their territory when the newest addition to the mega-popular Mansion personal space releases this Thursday.
- What’s in that box? Who knows – but one thing is for sure: it has some truly unique moves.
- The courageous and the mighty can add the Silver Warrior and Claudia costume sets to their collection come this Thursday when the latest batch of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow items release in PlayStation Home.
- Speaking of the Community Theater, we’d like to take this moment to welcome our newest addition to the line of regular contributors – the one and only LittleBigPodcast!
- Also releasing this week are a slew of Valentine’s Day items for the Lockwood Gift Machine (including jewelry and furniture items).

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blumatt2662d ago

Home is shaping up to be a nice addition to the PS3. It started out slow, with little content, but now, if you go into Home, there's TONS of spaces and things to do. I hope Home is better integrated into the PS4, though. I hope you turn the console on and you're Home. You press the PS Button and it'll bring up the XMB and you can do all the things you do now on the PS3's XMB. But you're in Home the whole time. You press the PS button again and you're back in your Home space. You can then walk around and meet people to play games with, etc. Sooo many possibilities for Home in the future.