CVG: Tomb Raider Preview: Is it gunning for Uncharted's throne?

Gaming's first lady, Lara Croft, is arguably the most iconic figure in the entire industry - pretty impressive considering she was only born in 1996.

Known for her brains, bravery and Kelly-Brook trumping norks, Croftie never faded physically but the same couldn't be said for her increasingly hackneyed archaeological jaunts.

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sashimi2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

i lol'd too, CVG must be really hurting for hits.

AAACE52864d ago

I don't see what's funny? A superb game like Uncharted 2 was bound to inspire some developers! No one will probably be able to out do ND, but they have opened a lot of developers eyes and showed them that there is more that can be done!

Either way, the quality of a lot of games should pick up. Especially at a time when platformers were looking to go down the extinct path.

Biggest2864d ago

It's funny because this is the way that games are sent to pasture. The only way that Tomb Raider WON'T be a flop is if it equals or surpasses Uncharted if other websites follow CVG down these tracks. Using other games to hype another is good for hits, and bad for the actual games. This is how it will play out:

360 Fanboy: YEAH! Uncharted is shit. Tomb Raider is cool to me all of a sudden.

PS3 Fanboy: Bullshit. It won't happen. I'm not even looking at this game now.

Gaming bloggers: After the incredible hype for this game, it falls short of what was promised (by people like me that had no basis for ever pre-setting the expectations in the first place) and I am disappointed. 7/10

xAlmostPro2864d ago

No chance, doesn't mean it can't be a great game though :)

There better be handstands though

Alos882864d ago

This is like asking if disco is coming back into fashion, of course the answer is no.

eggbert2864d ago

Oh boy here we go

Can't we ever have action adventure games that AREN'T compared to Uncharted?

Optical_Matrix2864d ago

I guess not. Same way we can't have an FPS game come out without people moaning it's too much like COD or too little like COD.

Kon2864d ago

Uncharted was inspired by TR, so it is the other way around

Biggest2864d ago

It was inspired by Tomb Raider the same way that the MyTouch 4G was inspired by a rotary phone.

rezzah2864d ago

It should be its own game not following another's.

extermin8or2864d ago

Lara Croft needs to just be allowed to die

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The story is too old to be commented.