Analysts: With Max Payne On 'Back Burner', Will Rockstar Reveal GTA V In Fiscal 2012?

Take-Two's succeeded at an important challenge: Demonstrating profitability and a promising release calendar even with no numbered Grand Theft Auto game in sight. But with the expiration of the company's Rockstar contract looming before the end of the company's next fiscal year, analysts have their theories on when GTA V will at last arrive.

Analysts long watched the company's progress against that key goal, and now try to measure the company's prospects for the fiscal year soon to begin (Take-Two recently moved its fiscal year-end date from October to March 31, which means the beginning of the company's fiscal 2012 is right around the corner).

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Visari2865d ago

No, they'll continue working on Agent which is why Max Payne 3 is on the back burner in the first place.

ksense2864d ago

well at e3 we will know. I am hoping it is Agent but it very well could be they halted all projects and are going to give gta5 before rockstar contract with take two expires on jan 2012.

HebrewHammer2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I agree. They have confirmed development of AGENT, but hey, the concept for the title has been around since the Xbox and PS2 days, so another lengthy delay is possible. Also, another GTA is financially viable for Take-Two, whereas Agent, while profitable, wont hold a candle to the sales of a multi-platform behemoth like GTA. As for me personally? Rockstar is releasing some quality content either way. Red Dead was great and I'm sure they are going to pursue the franchise. LA Noire is right around the corner and looks promising. Max Payne will take a bit, but surely that will be one to watch out for. As for AGENT and GTA, I would love either one at this point, but I would prefer AGENT. I think there is so much potential in that franchise, especially because it is coming out of R* North. And as a PS3 owner, I couldn't be more excited! I can't even fathom what a Rockstar PS3 exclusive will be like..... I get the shivers just thinking about it....

AAACE52864d ago

Seems you guys don't get it... Rockstar games consist of several different development studios! Rockstar north makes the GTA games. I think the one in Canada or Cali is making Agent.

ksense2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

the only problem is will they able to make a quality gta 5 within a year or lets say they already started a year ago so that would make it 2 years. would that be enough? I am not so sure because gta games tend to take a long time with it being open world and all and the ridiculous amount of things you can do in the game. that would kill their reputation if they do push out a crappy game just to please shareholders and rockstar wouldn't want that either if they want to be bought out by someone else at a good price. lets see what happens.


It was confirmed that rockstar north would be working on Agent at e3 2009. Unless they scrapped that right after e3 and began working on gta 5 i see a rushed gta coming next year if they do announce it. they could halt all studios and have them all work on gta 5 would be my best guess but not sure how that works

HebrewHammer2864d ago

AAACE5, sorry, but it seems that YOU don't get it. Rockstar North has been confirmed to be the developer of AGENT.

TheROsingleB2864d ago

I would rather have Max Payne 3 than another GTA.