Dynasty Warriors 7 Weapon System Explained

One thing that's worried Destructoid about Dynasty Warriors 7 is the feeling that every character will have the same moveset thanks to the fact that weapons can be shared amongst them. They've been chatting with lead producer about Akihiro Suzuki, who was kind enough to explain the weapon system in more detail.

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Dart892779d ago

Yes koei is finally starting to turn around and go in the right direction.Can't wait to pick this up.

Burning_Finger2778d ago

I missed the old dynasty warrior where u hunt rare weapons and items on each stage. fixed weapon upgrading is kinda boring

AhmadCentral2777d ago

They still have 4t/rare weapons for each character in this game. You can get them by playing the characters special stage in Conquest Mode.

So the rare weapons/weapon seals are stil there.

slavish32778d ago

I hope this isn't another ps2 game put on a ps360 disc!

GhettoGeneral2777d ago

wtf u talking bout

ps2 verison came out after

slavish32777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

wtf have u been playing this series hasn't evolved at all this gen. all of them look/perform like last gen games!

AhmadCentral2777d ago

Agreed, Koei haven't released a good game this gen. It looks like Dynasty Warriors 7 is going to change all that though.

Check this video, the graphics look much better. However this is not the HD version, the HD version will be released by KOEI sometime next week-