Steel Diver Preview - CheatCC

"Everything in the cinema seems to be 3D these days, so much so that the word 3D even appears in most titles, just like Smurfs 3D. As if this overly enthused equivalent of a fair ground ride isn't popular enough to mainstream audiences, televisions have also been cursed/blessed (depending on one's perspective) with the magic of 3D. So, is it any surprise that 3D would finally make its way to video games? Of course not, but what is surprising is that the pioneer of the new 3D gaming era will be the handheld Nintendo 3DS. What's more impressive is the fact that technology has advanced so much that there's not even need to wear glasses in order to experience the 3D. With the launch in March there are many games ready to make the jump to 3D along with this new portable console, and one such game is Steel Diver."

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