$14.99 for First Strike, Activision DLC Pricing is Spot On, Despite What You Think

Whether you think that Call of Duty map packs are worth the price of admission or not, Activision has numbers on its side.

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Xbox360PS3AndPC2568d ago

*Sighs* Activision You Greedy Motherf*ckers

Criminal2568d ago

I agree they are greedy, but it's a sound business move.

dirty_ripper2568d ago

As if charging full retail price for reskinning the same game every year wasn't bad enough...

blumatt2568d ago

lol That's so true man. Some people won't admit it, but it's true. The same BS over-the-top action story that would make some Hollywood action movies seem somewhat believable. The same retarded perks (Commando anyone??). The same glitchy multiplayer. (OH LOOK AT ME! I'm jumping around 100ft. in the air shooting unlimited noobtubes!!! Isn't this CoD, not Halo?! haha) The CoD series used to be good. Call of Duty 4 was a great experience, but I feel like the last 3 games have just taken the CoD4 formula, which was perfect, and ruined it with the last 3 games.

We should STILL be playing CoD4, with an expansion every year and map packs should cost $5 at the most.

Yi-Long2568d ago


Seriously, with so many great alternatives out for you to buy and enjoy, why would someone who loves gaming actually buy anything from Activision!?

Arksine2568d ago

Sound business move in the short term. But eventually customers will wise up, and Activision will drive this IP into the ground just like they did with Guitar Hero.

Activision has no foresight. They seem to think that IPs have an expiration date, and they must get everything they can out of it ASAP. The funny thing is, Blizzard is the total opposite.

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phosphor1122568d ago

Only fools would buy that trash at that price.

starcb262568d ago

Most of the people buying it for $15 are sheeps.

Rumbanana2568d ago

There goes that word again "sheep". It's pretty funny how people aren't entitled to enjoy what they like anymore. It's all based on what is popular and what's not...

Ok then, let's call a sheep a sheep and turn the tables. The reality is that you're the "sheep" for following the crowd and repeating what has been said thousands of times already...

I happen to like Black Ops, even being a PS3 player dealing with a few bugs that keep me from playing the way I'd like to. Does that make me a sheep, or does that make me someone with an opinion? I respect people who don't like the game, because frankly, that's their business. I don't come here and call you ignorant for stupid remarks like that, because it would make me look like an ass...

Someone (above) hasn't learned that yet...

gamingdroid2568d ago

I didn't buy it, but I would argue that people spend hours upon hours playing CoD. Paying $15 for a map that you are going to use in many instances 20+ hours is far better an investment than buying a $60 game with 5-8 hour content.

Sure maps used to be free, but PEOPLE DON'T CARE. So leave them alone....

AnonUser55552568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Amen. And that doesnt even take into account buying a game for $60 that turns out to be a complete dud.

radphil2568d ago

"Sure maps used to be free, but PEOPLE DON'T CARE. So leave them alone...."

Except that the rest suffer for their choices. Other companies in the industry always follows suit that makes them money.

gamingdroid2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

You are not suffering anything. It's just capitalism at work. People had to spend money creating those maps and they demand a pay, don't like it, don't buy it!

I'm sure you would not enjoy having people take away your livelihood because they think you are charging too much.

radphil2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

"You are not suffering anything. "

Actually we are. When a business sees that masses are willing to pay for something little for a lot, others follow suit. If the cost of them to make a profit is having it cost $5, they can make a bigger profit of $15.

It's apparent with the history of video games of all things.

Capitalism has the bad as well, which you should also know of when you keep bringing it up. There's a thing called greed.

I'm not going to go into the situation behind the origin of it, cause this is a gaming site after all.

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Criminal2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

@Dirty Ripper,
Every year they make $60 off the game and another $30-$45 off the DLC, when you add it up it's a lot of money.

divideby02568d ago

lol... a sucker and his money are easily parted..

Dart892568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Wow people really need to look at how they are spending their money on sum broken pos game that is released every year and is broken at launch.

Edit:Wow some people are on the disagree roll.

aquamala2568d ago

It's just 15 bucks, you prob don't think twice when you spend that much on lunch or dinner.

divideby02568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

^ if the dinner I bought was in the condition of COD I would think the same..I got ripped off

and than if they try and charge me 15 bucks for a 5 buck dessert, I would be equally upset

radphil2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

You need food to live, you don't need maps.

AnonUser55552568d ago

It's supply and demand, people. If millions of gamers are going to drop the money, it's a good pricepoint on their part.

Look, no one likes "greed." But these are businesses we're talking about. They don't make games because it's a fun hobby or out of the goodness of their hearts. They make games because it's a good business.

NYC_Gamer2568d ago

i agree,gaming is not a hobby to these companies its all about the $$$...

gamingdroid2568d ago

Actually, I would argue the studios themselves must be passionate about games to make a quality game. The company that supports the studio financially might be greedy, but that is fair game.

If there is no profit to be made, why bother?

Profit is needed in the industry and let the people that don't mind paying, pay!

Why are everyone so intolerant of others decision... capitalism is what brings you all these products and goods.

Don't hate it, embrace it!

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