Fact Check: Is Guitar Hero dead?

Activision's public relations mogul Dan Amrich: Twitter is exploding with “I heard Guitar Hero is dead” and “RIP Guitar Hero” and stuff like that. Seems a little dramatic from my understanding.

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VenomProject2778d ago

Ditto. As soon as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith reared its ugly head, I knew it was all down hill from there.

NoobSessions2778d ago

Eh, I dont see why all the hate for Guitar Hero. I prefer it to Rock Band in most ways except presentation.

What I really love about it is GHTunes, which is where people can make their own custom songs and upload them for people to download for free... and some people come up with some pretty epic things.

Try playing the super marios theme, or pokemon battle music on guitar hero, and tell me its not epic.

The only games I'd buy are the main installments though, like II, III, World Tour, etc.

MRHARDON2778d ago

GH is dead :D up is Call of Duty

ijkabob2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

for sure at this rate...

No innovation, glitchier with each realease and FLOODING the market to milk as much money as possible.

Oh ya, and 15$ map packs. No love for the fans, just greed.

TheDivine2778d ago

No but they only need one GH and then just add music for dlc. Keep the last one alive with new music but dont make more. Idc as ive never bought it or rock band but many people enjoy it.

LordStig2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

GH Metallica was the last good GH game, i traded 3 and world tour for rockband 1 and 2 but i still kept metallica.

---stone---2778d ago

Craptivisoin shouldnt have shit canned Guitar Hero. They should have just simply changed the name to either Guitars of Duty, or Call of Guitars. Then they could milk this shit even further with Drums of Duty, Call of Bass guitars and so on and so forth.

dlc packs to include Guitar ops: Too fn Loud.
Guitars of Duty: it goes to 11.
Call of Guitars: busting amps and eardrums.

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The story is too old to be commented.