The 39 Characters of Marvel vs Capcom 3

Too many characters to keep track of? This guide will clear everything up.

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Myst2862d ago

Despite liking the majority of characters that are already in the game [that are shown in this list] I'm kind of curious as to see who else they could add via DLC. Especially on the Marvel side of things.

FiftyFourPointTwo2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

My guess on who's DLC.
some form of MegaMan - no doubt about this, Capcom knows MegaMan = $$$
Strider - rank 1 most requested character at Capcom Unity
Gambit - fans over the internet were disappointed after he got disconfirmed
Juggernaut - he was planned to be a rival of Haggar
Phoenix Wright - ranked 2nd at CU
Franziska Von Karma? - not sure about this but I remember after they ruled out Phoenix for TvC they said Franziska would be the rep of Ace Attorney if it is to be represented
Ingrid? - producer planned to put her in TvC. Plus this character has a cult following. So yeah the possibility is there.
Vergil - another highly requested character
Frank West - WAS in the game, removed due to RAM issues
Onimusha franshise still not disconfirmed, hoping for Samonosuke to make the cut
Gill and J. Talbain - producer said he likes them
a Spider Man villain
Dr. Strange
Silver Surfer or one of the Fantastic 4
Ghost Rider
Electra or Psylocke

Myst2861d ago

Hmm I remember reading that they had an idea for silver surfer but axed the idea. I think it was one of the comments on eventhubs so not to sure on it's authenticity.

*Adds in Mystique just because...*

Baka-akaB2861d ago

Not a fan at all of the idea of DLC characters , but i must be honest , i'll be lining up whenever they add Marvel characters i care about .

And frankly again it's the only way to have a sizeable , somewhat exhaustive and mostly gameplay clone free , collection of marvel chars

KillerPwned2861d ago

No Mega Man!? What the fuck! I did not realize this, I`ll still get the game but Mega Man better be released. Its bull tho since i will probably have to pay for him.

monkpunk12861d ago

i wonder if super gran will be dlc? but strider will possibly make an appearance and maybe venom....

Bibmiester2861d ago

I really like the marvel characters, capcom... ehh not soo much but we'll see what DLC has to offer.

I can't wait for this game!

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The story is too old to be commented.