Where Can Nintendo Go Now?

Nintendo have always been the innovators. They've been leading the way with revolutionary concepts for the last two decades, at least, in the world of gaming. Not only have they established original and unique gaming franchises like Pokémon and Mario that everyone knows, but they've been leading the way in gaming hardware as well. Many would say that Nintendo's hardware is a bit behind, which it can be if you get into technical specifications, but the innovation that they offer is unbeatable. Software may be where Nintendo shines, but it needs to be coupled with great hardware to be as superb as it is.

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ComboBreaker2661d ago

ally with Sony to kill off Micosoft.

Samus HD2661d ago

They are killing Sony and Microsoft...
it's just a matter of time when they die

starcrafter2660d ago

Sony and Microsoft are slaughtering Nintendo when it comes to hardcore gaming. Nothing in terms of that will change with the 3DS. The Nintendo console has primarily catered to casual, younger gamers this gen and that's why I'm opting for the NGP

firefoxprime2660d ago

Seems they're going in the right direction. I've seen 2 upcoming wii games. That NEW IP and the new Kirby game. I say let Big N max out the wii. Won't look to graphically impressive, but we'll survive.

I like how they finally "fixed" the DS friend codes. Awesome. All they have to do is maintain that 3rd party support, and push out stellar new IP's.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2661d ago

Nintendo have always been the innovators. Thats Where I Stopped Reading Because Wii Is A PS2 With Motion Controls, 3DS Is A PSP1 With Sh*t 3D

tunaks12661d ago


Shok2661d ago

Nintendo aren't innovators?

Analogue Stick
Shoulder Buttons
Motion Controls (in the Wii's style)
3D with no glasses
Dual Screens for a gaming handheld

And you think Power = Innovation? LOL!!! Oh, no wonder why, judging off of your name, you're an HD fanboy.

Also, The Wii is like, 5 times more powerful than the PS2 and the 3DS can pump out visuals better than the Wii, so how is it a PSP1?

Shnazzyone2661d ago

Yer right, PS2 was the wii of last gen in that it was played mostly by casual gamers and was very popular. Let's just hope the fans of wii this gen don't react about the wii 2 like ps2 fans acted about ps3.

eagle212661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Where? Higher up than already! And 3DS is going to cream NGP in software. Watch ! :)

jammydude2660d ago

Because N64 remakes and rehashes of tired old franchises is a win....obviously.....

lizard812882660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

and porting things like Uncharted and CoD is win for the PSP2. Maybe they should have just called it, Sony Playstation 3 Portable


jammydude2660d ago

Implying porting Uncharted, the highest rated and best-received franchise created this gen, is a loss? derp.
Obviously the 75th Mario game is a win compared to that. Obviously.

lizard812882660d ago

Implying Making a New Mario Game, the highest rated and best-received franchise ever, is a loss? derp.
Obviously a port of Uncharted is better than a new game. Obviously.

u c wat i did thar?

AWBrawler2660d ago

and a port of what Guinness Book of World Records even recognizes as the greatest game ever. OOT

so don't compare ports, also there are only a hand full of ports on 3DS as well as new games like Time Travelers, Kid Icarus uprising (waaaaaay different than 8bit and GB Kid Icarus), Steel Diver, Rodea the Sky soldier, Resident Evil Revelations, and much more.

Heck developers are bragging about the ports on NGP, and bragging about new game ideas for 3DS

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maniac762661d ago

i just wish nin would release hardware that has the graphics power of others,but i hope we can get some rereleases in full hd whenever that maybe

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