No More Tony Hawk Games? (Gameplaybook)

Activision is on a killing streak with franchises today. Along with cancelling Guitar Hero and True Crime, word has it that the company is shelving Tony Hawk's skateboarding games as well.

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guitar_nerd_232657d ago

i used to love tony hawks games back in the day....

TheDCD2657d ago

Yeah, then they started sucking.

NukaCola2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Tony Hawk died for me after the 4th Pro Skater. I didn't really like the THUGs, Wasteland was horrible, Project 8 was laughable, and RIDE/Shred is comment.

BattleAxe2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Tony Hawk 8 was the last good one mainly because of the massive soundtrack list. This is what happens when you come out with the same game every year, it doesn't leave the fans wanting more. Tony Hawk 3 was my favorite one, but I think it would be cool if Activision were to bring Tony Hawk 1,2,3 and 4 to the PSN and LIVE.

Marceles2656d ago

When Tony Hawk 2 came out, I thought nothing could ever stop this franchise. And then Skate 1 came out and made the whole franchise look ridiculous to begin with. Still good memories with TH1 and 2 though.

Canas20102657d ago

R.I.P. Tony Hawk underground and underground 2.

NYC_Gamer2656d ago

this franchise was already on its death bed

RedDeadLB2656d ago

So, Activision is killing everything not Call of Duty related. Huh..

femshep2656d ago

till the kill the dead call of duty and fuse all 3 together to make a guitar shooting game where you ride a skate-bored around Iraq shooting Spanish speaking Russian and do tricks off buildings to get star power which activates a kill streak.....with a lot of advertising like they do it would sell millions they could call it Tony's call of hero

lizard812882656d ago


That would be awesome! that would be even better if the had the cast of TH2. Picture Spider-Man on a skate board, with a guitar gun shooting Zombie Nazis.

Redempteur2656d ago

it doesn't sound that bad when said like that ..unfortunatly the harsh reality comes afterwards ..

Esena2656d ago

I think Tony Hawk underground was the last game I enjoyed...

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The story is too old to be commented.