Halo 3 receives 10/10 from Games Radar

The wait for the most anticipated game of all time is finally over. The fight is about to be finished. And right now, across the world, the hopes and happiness of millions hinge on the answer to one simple question: Is it good? Or perhaps, Is it as good as we want it to be?

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Xi3650d ago

and here I though it wasn't going to do much better than 9.5. I'm pretty satisfied with all these reviews.

003649d ago

could beat Bioshock in reviews.

Lyberator3649d ago

"HAHAHA GAM3S rADAR is FULL oF XBoTs. LOLzORS" - sony fanboy.

FordGTGuy3649d ago

it seems that the 8.8 is the lowest i've seen so far except for Ars Tech but they aren't counted as a game review website of gamerankings or megacritic.

Panthers3649d ago

i think we get the point. Halo 3 is great. I need to beat it just to get the story over with after how bad Halo 2s ending pissed me off.

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The story is too old to be commented.