Call of Duty Goes Free-to-Play... In China

At today’s investors call, Activision CEO of Publishing Eric Hirshberg announced a brand-new standalone Call of Duty title specifically for China. The new title is confirmed to be a free-to-play, micro-transaction based game. Hirshberg said that the title would not be out this year. No further details, including developer, were given during the call.

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donniebaseball2866d ago

Seems like Activision might, just might, finally be catching on. Free to play is huge, they need to do more, and not just in Asia

BeOneWithTheGun2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I have my doubts. It might be free to play but if you want a gun its $3.00. When you reload it is a quarter. If you want your avatar to not have malaria, then you will need to buy medical supplies every ten minutes for $4.50 a pop.

peowpeow2866d ago

Haha you had me at $3 per gun. The rest was just lols :)

BattleAxe2866d ago

I'd love to see a CoD or Battlefield game that puts USA against China. If they make it realistic enough, then we'll see Chinese made weapons made from Chinese steel with their gun barrels warping from heat and maybe even some exploding barrels where the gun looks like its got a big flower on the end.

LtSkittles2866d ago

Wait, free-to-play CoD, and Activision in the same sentence, and the sentence doesn't say "Activision decides against free-to-play model?

GrandTheftZamboni2866d ago

Free to play until millions get hooked...

tunaks12866d ago

isnt everything free to play in china?

donniebaseball2866d ago

What about WoW... isn't that subs in China?

killyourfm2866d ago

I'm really interested to see how they implement this - and if it makes it to consoles with the micro-transaction system.

Pandamobile2866d ago

Somehow I doubt this will even be out on consoles considering it's China after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.