IGN: What Wii Want from Pokemon

With a new Pokémon game being developed for the Wii, here are IGN's best guesses as to what this new title might look like.

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the_best_player2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Go away IGN we don't like you >:(

Istanbull2443d ago

Lol nobody cares what you want IGNorants.

TheGamerBible2443d ago

That pun got old 5 years ago.

Theyellowflash302443d ago

WE'll never see a fully featured console pokemon game cuz Nintendo doesn't want to subsidize there sales on the DS. The 3DS is almost or as powerful as Wii so we should get pretty much a Wii pokemon game on the 3DS within the next 2 years

supersonicsaga2443d ago

Maybe towards the end of the 3DS cycle, kinda like how Black and White are trying to have decent graphics now.

Redempteur2443d ago

i won't say no to a proper pokemon stadium in glorious 3D

Battle revolution just didn't have enough things to do besides batlings i want a 3d pokemon with exploration and a story ... kinda like the DS BUT on the wii

Ayer992442d ago

What WE want from pokemon? For it to stay away from the Wii so we don't have to experience another game like Poke Park Adventure.

AWBrawler2442d ago

Pokemon adventure games were designed with battling in trading in mind, so they will never end up on the Wii, or they shouldn't