Jeuxactu reviews Killzone 3

They said :
"Started on the PlayStation 2 there are more than six years, the Killzone series that has really exploded two years ago when the second episode revealed to the public the considerable technical skills to the PlayStation 3. Conscious of having a license in their hands which can carton, and why not shake the kingpins of the genre, the studio Guerrilla corrects some errors of Killzone 2 for today we deliver a copy that can truly serve as a reference. Call of Duty can shake

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SpitFireAce852782d ago

WoW just watch the video at the really
shows why KZ3 will be the best FPS on consoles..

PS.That video looks amazing...

Master of Unlocking2782d ago

Love the last line of the verdict: "Oui, Call of Duty a du souci à se faire…"

-> "yes, Call of Duty should be worried..." :D

PinkFunk2782d ago

Ya I just read it in full (I speak French fluently), and it's a very well written review. There's certainly some wild stuff to look forward to when KZ3 releases.