jeuxvideopc reviews Killzone 3

They said :
"The second album was already good, it is even better. Although the screenplay is a bit cheesy, we follow the fighting with an intensity that never decreases in environments emphasizing the superb atmosphere of total war encompassing the game Guerrilla little guys are running smoothly and we look forward to more (a fourth album should logically see the day)."

- Graphically stunning
- A real challenge
- Weapons eclectic
- Good life (8 to 10 hours of play)
- Full Multiplayer
- The campaign coop

- Some cut scenes that row
- The accuracy of your enemies with grenades
- Script Light

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belal2778d ago

yeah, nice play trough,it's about as long as killzone 2.

mayberry2778d ago

I really predict that kz2/3 will be in the video game history books as THE "premier" fps franchise down the road! especially if kz3 doesn"t sell well! why do I say that!? I have found that more "obscure" games have a better underground following, and are seen as less mainstream. hence, they are looked at being more"pure", "true", to the genre than the mainstream games!
And because as of, now, "imho" nothing comes close, or is seen on the horizon as being as great as these ip's in the genre!

littledinosaur2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

fuck now gamer, a lier