The Death of Local Multiplayer?

Is local multiplayer slowly becoming a dying breed? With a future that looks set to incorporate more online functionality into our videogames, Martin takes a look back at the good old days and makes a case for why we need local multiplayer. Part of Bits 'n' Bytes Retro Week coverage.

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Shok2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


I absolutely love offline multiplayer. NOTHING tops playing with your friends when they're sitting right next to you.

Nintendo seems to be keeping it alive (Mario Kart and Smash Bros.)
Bungie's did it with the Halo games.
Insomniac seems to be doing a good job too. (Resistance)

Sadly that's the only devs I can think of right now.

LoaMcLoa2660d ago

True, but having 4x Wii-motes and nunchucks is damn expensive.

I so want a Timesplitters 4 :C

Yi-Long2660d ago

... so you can play against maps full of bots, together with a friend. Timesplitters Future did that perfectly.

It was great fun, me and a friend would just be on 1 team, and then we'd set a whole bunch of selected bots in the map who were on the other team, and we could just adjust which bots and how many etc, so we could have a fair fight.

Also, XBLA/PSN games like Castle Crashers have a cool co-op. Just did ilomilo co-op with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago.

sonicsidewinder2660d ago

Yes definetly! We need CrytekUK to give us Timesplitters 4.

nskrishna22660d ago

I wish there was a mega agree because that is just SO right...xD

Calm Down Sunshine2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

It does seem to be dying out, yeah :(

And even the odd time it is implemented they manage to bugger it up by having the screens in odd places.

But luckily there's the PS2/N64 library to fall back on.

Sean Ryno2660d ago

don't forget xbox. I think the xbox has more split-screen and system-link enabled games than any other system.

wollie2660d ago

I've been thinking this for a while... its pretty sad. There are still off line co-op games out there, there just becoming hard to find. It's especially ones with four player off line co-op, except on the wii.

Oh and NBA jam is awesome.

FailOverHero2660d ago

What's scary is that it has crossed over to racing games! Grid, hot pursuit, shift...I gave these games a miss because I can't play them with my girlfriend

AssassinHD2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I have not cared about local multiplayer since the inception of online multiplayer. I really don't want to share my screen with anyone.

Granted system-link gaming does not require split screen, but I don't see the point of carrying around equipment just to play in the same room. It is much easier all around to just play together with your friends online.

Edit: @ below

I realize that offline gaming may be desirable for people in those situations. I am merely speaking from my own personal point of view. I have many friends, but it is just easier to play together online. Whenever I hang out with my friends in real life I prefer to do activities other than playing video games.

midgard2272660d ago

meh but if u live alone or dont see to many people yeah theres no need for offline MP,

but for people like me who have 4 brothers, we arent gonna buy a system, tv and game each just to play together.

i play all the COD's almost strictly offline splitscreen.

when the first resistance had it i did and nothin beats memories of the first xbox hookin up 2 or 3 xbox to play some local halo partys

i dont even play online shooters cuz its not the same, its fun but meh,

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