Fox News' Top 10 Gaming Hits

Sinan Kubba writes, "Did Fox News hit a new low with its coverage of Bulletstorm this week? That’s a very difficult question to answer. We’ve come to expect absurd opinions and coverage laden with agenda from a network that chooses to promote itself via Bill O’Reilly, a man whose head is shoved so far up his overpaid, Republican ass to even take a passing glance at a My First Science Book. But to call the M-rated Bulletstorm the worst video game in the world because its profane language might reach the hands of kids, to imply that it might in some way be responsible for an increase in rape rates, surely nothing Fox News has done can top that? Well, the studio does have a lot of history. Make up your own mind – I’ll report, you decide. Here are some of Fox News’ greatest gaming hits."

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2840d ago

Yes.... though I'm starting to wonder about the true motives.

They cant possibly be trying persuade gamers not to buy it. Which means theyre trying to get parents not to buy it for their kids. *GASP* Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait............. wait. You mean FOX might actually be doing something........ THAT BENEFITS GAMING?????!!!!!

nskrishna22840d ago

lol...if fox convinces people to buy games according to the age of their kids, then well and good...but its too hard trying to portray gaming as evil and gamers as Devil's own kids

LionofJudah2840d ago

wow - it amazes me that the freedom of speech only seems to go one way - you do realize in this country people have the right to say what their opinion of a game is. Period - and you have the right to state your rebuttal - I can't tell you how many awesome games I have played that seem to feel the need to throw in huge pools of blood etc. Are we becoming like Rome with a bloodthirst that each game will have to go further than the next - In my opinion its just immaturity - its like the comedians who feel the need to curse every other word - its usually just laziness - do they have the right to throw in all the gratuitous severed limbs and gushing blood - sure - do I have the right to say its immature and stupid - yep.

bym051d2840d ago

Huh... I really assumed Ronald Reagan: the Game would've been number 1.

DuneBuggy2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Why isnt this labeled a opinion piece? Obviously the author is a liberal and I could care less what his/her opinion of Bill O' Reilly or Fox News is because its predisposed to be unfair.
O'Reilly's show is a "opinion piece" too.

mastershredder2839d ago

Obviously a liberal? I guess you only see two colors. Life is more complex than that and so are people. Regardless where you sit politically, Fox news does not report news as much as they do opionions or suggest how you should live or think. Msnbc is not much better but at least they don't hide behind the american flag and claims to patriotism.

Don't drink that political kool aid. When "news" is nothing but politics, talk shows (with politics) and discussions (with politics). It's time to turn the tv off or use it for something more practical (like games).

DuneBuggy2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Please spare me the many shades of gray speech concerning the authors political ideology.News has been manipulated by politics forever.The spin of our current "leader" the media throws out on say...unemployment numbers compared to when Bush was in where they took genuine positive figures and tried to add "but,but,but" every chance they had is striking.
If you find another news source more to your liking, its probably because they share more of your views. The hatred of Fox by the media is mainly because one side had a monopoly of televised news for many,many years. That and the fact that thet are losing market share. Brilliant strategy from Fox.Create a center right news network for a country that leans center right. Genius!!!!!
Anyway...He has a obvious bias against Fox,O'Reilly,etc and this article should be filed under opinion.

mastershredder2838d ago

Shame, you are married to your politics as though they are religion. The classic "I don't want to here it, dont tell me your opionion, just mine; I know better" attitude. That right there IS a problem. Dude, you don't have to favor any side because they are all full of shit (however, some people need to be lead). Siding with a party because you think they best represent your ideals is pathetic. Doing so with a news agency??? Even worse. It's right up there with star trek fans vs. starwars fans.

"Anyway...He has a obvious bias against Fox,O'Reilly,etc and this article should be filed under opinion." As should most of what fox and msnbc "news" delivers.

DuneBuggy2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Picking a side is easy if you ignore all the sideline issues. You want a bigger goverment or a smaller one? The only thing in the middle is how much or how little your comfortable accepting. People who act like victims stuck in the middle I find pathetic.At least a hardcore liberal is principaled. Its a cop out to not take a stance on anything. You will never read a book about the great "moderates" and their accomplishments.

So we agree it was supposed to be filed under opinion?
I rest my case sir.